A Smarter Strategy for Independence

Power of Independence

1. A Network You Can Lean On

One of the most commonly voiced concerns of going independent is the loss of a support network. We offer the following voluntary benefits:

*Research groups
*Community Involvement
* Intro to systems by Transition Team
* Best Practice/Networking Lunches
* Quarterly CE Events

2. Succession Planning

Statistics from Live Oak Bank state that 75% of advisors don’t have a succession plan in place. In the event of the unexpected, your heirs have zero entitlement to the income your book will continue to produce. 360WM can be your succession plan or you can collaborate with our network of over 60 Financial Advisors to find the right fit for you.

3. Freedom

We provide you with a signed release from Day 1. If for some reason you decide 360WM isn’t a fit for you, you can separate at any time. We will never proactively contact your clients to persuade them to stay with 360WM. You own your client relationships.

4. Books and Business Management

Do you have an aggressive goal on book management, client acquisition, or client service? We can help you write that plan and keep you accountable.

5. RIA Advantage

Recent regulation is pushing the industry more and more towards the “fiduciary standard.” We can help make that transition easier on you and your clients. In addition, the RIA model has higher payouts, more flexibility with products, and the ability to market your practice under your own “DBA.”

6. Compliance Team

We have a team that is accessible, proactive, and willing to help you find compliant solutions. In addition to the required oversight, they will send reminders and provide best practices on ways to adapt to the changing regulatory environment.

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